The 4th Generation of Football Turf at ALLGrass Solutions

Meet the new artificial turf without infill for football.

4G synthetic football turf is advanced technology that combines silky monofilament yarns with high strength and a high density of interlaced curl yarns.

This revolutionary system has been developed to obtain exceptional quality results.

Tested with football fields low maintenance, meeting the highest sporting standards.

Enjoy this sport without the annoying sand and rubber fillings that they take home in their slippers.

Depending on the height of the grass, the type of field and the area for which it will be used, the artificial grass for football 4GThe foam can be placed on a high-density foam padding.

It can also go on an elastic base to achieve a surface of unbeatable conditions for the practice of football.

Find in this new artificial grass, all the advantages of installation, uses and maintenance.

Advantages of synthetic turf for 4th generation football

Fourth generation artificial turf without infill means less maintenance and faster, more efficient installation.

In addition, artificial grass for football without rubber padding, is a more ecological surface that looks and feels as natural as a traditional field.

The high density of the curly wires slows down the compaction of the pavement as a whole.

In this way, the monofilament yarn is kept vertical and the best playing conditions and characteristics remain.

The height of this generation of artificial grass is mainly around 30mm to 35mm.

The backing or support base has been strengthened and improved to give a better encapsulation of the plume.

This system results in increased durability of the turf and excellent dimensional stability, regardless of weather conditions.

If you are thinking of building or renovating a soccer field, this is certainly a valuable alternative.

Take advantage of this innovative flooring to attract more customers and provide better service to your users.

Forget about rubber and silica sand to move to a more hygienic and friendly pavement.

Build or renovate your field more easily and quickly thanks to the simplicity of its installation process.

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