Artificial Vertical Gardens

How are the Artificial Vertical Gardens?

The vertical artificial garden is a wall or facade covering mainly, these perfectly replicate the combinations and designs that are usually made with real plants, resulting in a green carpet of great naturalness. 

The Artificial Vertical Gardens are composed of a set of tiles, grids or tiles of foliage and artificial plants made of various polymers, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene.

They are definitely a great choice for all decoration and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. 

With the different available models of tiles for vertical gardensThe material has become a decorative element with which one can be very creative and obtain truly welcoming results.

With this material and your creativity, you will undoubtedly be able to achieve your own personalized vertical garden with your own exclusive design.

Main Advantage of Artificial Vertical Gardens.

Today, more and more people are joining the trend of using green plants in decoration of walls and vertical panels.

However, it is not easy for all plants to grow anywhere, and it is also expensive to buy and maintain these plants.

Because of this, the artificial green garden becomes a great alternative when considering a coating of these characteristics.

  • From an economic point of view, artificial packages are much cheaper than real plants, as are their installation costs. 
  • In terms of conservation and maintenance, an artificial vertical garden remains the same all year round, it does not need soil, sun and water.
  • It doesn't attract bugs. 
  • Due to the diversity of styles and compositions available, all types of simulated plants have the opportunity to be used in an artificial vertical garden.
  • As it can be placed easily and quickly, it is very versatile for decorations that need to be quick and without works, ideal for events and fairs.

Artificial vertical gardens bring different colours to the urban environment.

We can find them in offices, shopping malls, the outside wall of a building and many other places.

This is proof that artificial vertical gardens bring real practical values into modern life.

Installation of vertical gardens.

The necessary tools that you must have to carry out the installation of your vertical garden are the following:

  • A meter to measure the space and know the amount of material to be used.
  • The fasteners that we indicate below in this post.
  • Do-it-yourself scissors for cutting according to space and design.
  • A ladder if necessary.

To turn your wall into an artificial garden, all you have to do is fix the grid to the existing support, whether it is a wall, fences or railings, wood, glass, metal etc. You can use plugs and screws, flanges or wires, staples, putties or special glues for glass or metal.

The tiles come with small hooks to join them together making the joints hidden. When laying them, be sure to join them together for a continuous coating.

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