Types of grits for preparing artificial grass bases in gardens.

The different aggregates that can be used for the preparation of the ground before installing artificial grass

On this occasion, we share with you the types of aggregates most used for the preparation of the base in the artificial turf installation in gardens.

  • Canto Rodado and Arena de Río. This mixture is most commonly used to prepare a base that provides good drainage for the synthetic turf system. Depending on where you are and what material shop you can find, they may sell it already mixed or separately. In the case of a separate layer, we recommend that you first place the gravel layer, make a first compaction and then the river sand.
  • Crushed stones: Of different species such as granite, volcanic, limestone, marble or river pebbles, this is a good choice for a base preparation as they are crushed and have a very good compaction. Crushed stones fit together better than pebbles.
  • Bitches: Both natural and artificial gravel are suitable for the preparation of artificial turf bases. This type of base is most commonly used for sports fields or large areas of land. Depending on the amount of fines in this type of aggregate, its compaction is better, with this type of material as a base, it is advisable to assess drainage and/or water evacuation, either by making slopes or a conventional drainage system for gardens.
  • Jabre or Sauló: This is a very common type of material in the area of Catalonia that comes from the weathering of granite. In the rest of the peninsula, it is the typical sand used for paths in public parks known as Jabre. This is an aggregate that offers great compaction capacity and at the same time drains well.

Crumb sand or similar is NOT recommended, as this type of aggregate has poor drainage capacity and when in contact with water it becomes sludge.


For gardening, it is recommended that the gravel bases are at least 5cms thick to obtain a preparation of the ground that can offer a stable surface with good drainage.   www.allgrass.es

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