Artificial grass installation

Table of contents for artificial turf installation

Video with instructions for installing artificial turf on the ground.

If you are about to install one of our models of artificial turf, this video will be very useful to know the basics to take into account for proper placement.

We share in this short video, where we highlight the basic aspects to take into account if you have taken the decision to install artificial grass yourself.

In this video we include:

Tools to build a garden with artificial grass

The tools and equipment needed for the installation of artificial grass, you will see that you can build your garden with this fabulous pavement using conventional gardening tools and equipment.

It may be necessary to rent a more specific machine or equipment.

Finally, you will be able to carry out your installation step by step to achieve a good result.

Building materials

The construction materials necessary for the correct construction of a base that receives the artificial turf and provides a stable support and good drainage.

Although in the video we stick to the most standard or universal, there are several types of aggregates that can serve for this purpose, depending on the location where you are, the type of aggregate will vary.

Steps to follow for site preparation

You will notice that the steps are simple and require gardening skills to make the surface suitable for the artificial grass to be placed on.

Artificial turf installation process

This point is very important and you must follow the indications of handling and approach of the strips of grass adjusted to the perimeter and the surface to be built.

For more technical information with tips and tricks for installing synthetic flooring, you can review other articles in this blog or visit our website with more details on the guide for the correct installation of artificial grass.

We recommend that you take into account the professional services, here comes the famous saying "each master has his own book".

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