Introduction to Landscaping


When entering a project that requires landscaping services, it is important to value the different aspects that must be taken into account when we decide to build a natural environment. It is essential to start by understanding the meaning of landscaping or at least a brief introduction to this activity.

Landscaping is an activity based on gardening and design.

This requires a orderly planningThe aim is to achieve a natural environment in which our senses participate.

The harmony of the whole depends on the knowledge to combine a colourful environment, the formation of the elements and their adaptation to the environment.

It is an art based on science, using nature as a method of expression and combining it with decorative items.

Gardening within everyone's reach

What's really attractive is that gardening and landscaping services has become popular and has ceased to be a privilege of aristocratic social classes, allowing everyone to enjoy a natural environment according to their needs, whether private or public use.

In civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek or Roman, there was already decoration with vegetable elements, although it was exclusively used by the aristocratic class.

On the other hand, influences from different cultures have been decisive in the evolution of landscaping.

We highlight the Italian, English, Dutch or French.

Although for many, the most surprising is the Japanese, for its technique and preparation so unique to combine different elements.

Building a natural environment

We understand that in order to understand the complexity involved in building a natural environmentIn order to achieve this, it is essential to know all the steps that make up the final result, so we will try to describe them in different subsequent deliveries.

We are at your disposal in case you need to make any consultation about everything related to landscaping and creation of natural environments.

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