About the Blog

Gardening, artificial grass, landscaping and outdoor decoration.

We are pleased to share the content of this blog related to gardening and artificial grass. Everything related to the design, construction and maintenance of green areas as well as tricks, tips and trends in design and outdoor decoration.   

Here you can find a lot of information about artificial grass, gardening and landscaping, design and interior design applied to outdoor spaces, DIY and technology related to these topics.

Our mission is not only to provide information support on the products we sell, but also to ALLGrass as in Deckplanet,  is to be able to create an informative reference for professionals and individuals on products, trends, techniques and tutorials on these topics.

Brief History

Our first blog dates back to 2009 when we started our own venture into the world of artificial turf.

Since then we have been adding content year after year with extensive and not so extensive articles about gardening and artificial grass mainly.

We have also included videos and imported galleries from our social networks as well as content from other blogs and collaborators that we have found relevant.

For the year 2014, we launched a new blog mainly dedicated to inform and keep our followers updated about the news of the virtual store that until recently we kept published.

Recently in 2017 we have relaunched the blog allgrass.net, where we have joined and filtered the content of all these years to facilitate a more dynamic and versatile site that our followers and customers can enjoy.

Data of Interest

Our blog hosts more than 140 articles and have managed to reach more than 200 thousand visits in all these years, achieving the recognition of our readers and clients as a reference site to consult frequently the topics that Here we try.

Currently we have the collaboration of professionals in the field of landscaping, architecture and golf course design, greenkeeping, ornamental vegetation design and DIY, all of them provide quality content and very specific in each article that is published in this blog


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