Outdoor furniture to be comfortable at home despite the restrictions.

In the wake of recent restrictions, homeowners with outdoor spaces have been able to have fun while still complying with current limitations and regulations by having outdoor furniture and other elements.

They have been able to have fun and social exchange by taking their leisure activities home, adapting these spaces to the current circumstances.

Common things like sharing with the chairs farther apart and everyone bringing their own food and drinks are some of the trends we've seen during these times we're going through.

Since last year, homeowners have placed much more value on their outdoor spaces than they thought possible. They have been able to enjoy moments of relaxation as well as various activities.

Making the most of outdoor spaces.

The alternatives are diverse, while some people refurbish their balcony, terrace or porch; others focus on redesigning the patio, attic or rooftop to create a place of enjoyment available during all four seasons.

A covered terrace with a fireplace or stove can help us to be comfortable outdoors all year round. 

Other accessories such as curtains, blinds or blinds resistant to the elements, add atmosphere, warmth and privacy. In addition, having quality lighting, we can provide a great atmosphere after sunset.

Trends in the conditioning of outdoor spaces.

In this post about outdoor entertaining spaces in our homes, we showcase several trends that go beyond the walls of the home. 

From simple details such as hanging a bird feeder and placing an armchair in a forgotten corner of the backyard to very ambitious ones such as creating a fully equipped garden with all the amenities.

Many of these new outdoor projects have been made possible by the funds saved by homeowners who, unable to spend it on travel or dining out over the past 11 months, can make the necessary home improvements to overcome the restrictions.  

Here are some tips to consider when planning your outdoor spaces.

Set up cooking and eating spaces in a flat area.

It is recommended that built-in cabinets, benches and counters have a timeless look and/or are easy to refurbish.

Select standard sized outdoor kitchen appliances that can be replaced without altering the cabinets or you can also think about barbecues that are well equipped and mobile.

Complement the d├ęcor by adding color, patterns or prints such as a rug and other items that are not permanent or expensive.

Outdoor Furniture and Decoration Complements.

To furnish your outdoor living space, we recommend that you take a look at the wide variety of models that we have in both set of tables and chairs as in sofa, armchair and coffee table sets. We also have some new features that in the set already has a parasol. 

Visit our Outdoor Furniture Store Section and shop with big discounts!

Don't forget some good sun loungers or Balinese beds that are in proportion to the space you have.

Remember to add liners and protective covers for all outdoor furniture.

In textiles, you can complement the furniture by adding matching blankets.

For shade, there are a variety of options. From awnings or curtains to pergolasgazebos, gazebos, tents, marquees, canopies. 

For privacy, you can count on our full range of privacy screens and screening rolls available in a variety of natural or synthetic materials.

It is very important and essential to have good devices, screens and speakers to listen to good music or watch your favorite programs.

For air conditioning in the hot season, we suggest you consider the options of ceiling or floor fans as well as water nebulizers.

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