3 Alternatives for storing and organizing the garden or terrace

Storing junk, whether indoors or outdoors, is one of the most common concerns we face these days. In many homes, this is a very important issue.

It is common to find that we have too many things to store that do not fit into small boxes. Other times, the items we want to store are too large, bulky or irregularly shaped.

When looking for storage options, we ask ourselves what is the solution that meets my needs? 

We give you good news, there are many solutions to this problem. 

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What are the storage alternatives for the garden or terrace ? 

There are several alternatives to organize, store, cover or protect the objects in our gardens and terraces. Here we tell you which are the most popular and the ones that are in trend to organize your garden or terrace things.

Metal or resin chests and trunks

Trunks are ideal for storing outdoor furniture cushions, exercise mats as well as other items intended for outdoor use.

You can choose between metal or resin trunks that best suit the d├ęcor and the outdoor environment.

On the other hand, trunks are widely used to store, cover and protect bins, bicycles, gardening tools or even the purifiers of swimming pools that are not buried.

The differences between these materials are mostly in the style and finishes you are looking for. In resin you will find trunks and chests with a more stylish design and rounded edges while in metal the finishes are more basic style.

When it comes to durability, metal cabinets have a superior warranty whose strength and durability can exceed that of resin cabinets by 5 to 10 years.

Resin or wood cabinets.

When looking for a cabinet to store and organize the garden or terrace with shelves to keep cleaning and maintenance items mainly, wood or resin cabinets are usually the most demanded.

These cabinets have a very important function and that is to store and separate cleaning chemicals from other spaces in the home.

In terms of style, wood always offers a ?nostalgic? and warm atmosphere. It is an easy material to maintain and to personalize the color to combine it with the rest of the objects of the space.

In terms of durability and strength, resin cabinets are ideal if you want maintenance-free furniture whose finish and style are not a priority when selecting it as a storage solution.

Wooden, metal or resin huts.

These solutions are very much in trend given the spacious dimensions available. 

They have become true design storage rooms available in various sizes and for different functions. 

From a small space to store equipment and tools to garages or small home workshops.

The largest formats are available in wood or sheet metal materials.

In terms of designs and finishes, the 3 varieties have some models that offer very careful styles and designs that integrate perfectly into the decorative environments of gardens and terraces.


Gardens are best enjoyed when they are clean and tidy. However, with the amount of objects you can have at any given time such as tools, furniture and toys among others, you may find that the garden or terrace can become a chaos that you have to deal with every day. It doesn't have to be that way, here we share some benefits of using trunks, chests, closets, sheds or storage booths in outdoor spaces:


When it comes to properly organizing your garden tools and other materials, there is no better practical solution than garden storage. 

The storage in the garden can be chosen in proportion to the volume and quantity of things to be organized or stored. 

Not only can you store gardening tools in storage boxes, but you can also store sports equipment, outdoor furniture cushions and pool supplies.


Storing and organizing your garden or terrace not only minimizes clutter in your garden, but also effectively organizes tools and equipment for easier access. 

Most outdoor storage trunks can be opened up to 90 degrees so you can easily get everything you want at a glance.

For organization and storage in sheds and sheds, you can add shelves and plastic boxes with identification labels and/or lists of what each box contains so that it is easier to find things later.


Well organized garden storage can be very useful. It saves you time when looking for things and avoids having to spend a lot of time going here and there looking.


When you know exactly where to get something, this results in a saving of energy and effort when looking for it. 

You can use this energy to perform other important and productive activities, such as planting a new tree, cleaning the garden, watering the plants or other garden tasks.


Storing and organizing your garden can keep your tools intact for much longer.

Terrace or garden storage serves as a safe place to protect tools from exposure to weather, dust, rust and many other things.


When garden or terrace things are well stored and protected, more money is saved. 

The tools and other materials will last longer and you'll have to invest less money because you won't have to replace them often.


Many of the trunks and chests can serve as storage and furniture. 

There are many models that their structure is manufactured and reinforced to be able to sit. 

Usually, two people can sit on such outdoor boxes, but some even allow up to three.

In addition, you can customize and decorate to your liking by adding some cushions and fabrics to the top.

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