Alternative uses of synthetic wood in the decoration of gardens and terraces

Custom-made planter boxes with synthetic outdoor decking boards.

We hope you like these ideas of synthetic wood planters for use in gardens and terraces.
Recently, we have given a solution to one of our clients who was evaluating several options for the construction of planters in his small garden.
Corten steel kerbs, wooden sleepers, wooden beams or plastic kerbs have been valued.
Finally, the option to make these planters with outdoor decking plankshave been a great success.

 Composite wood structures

This type of synthetic wood planters custom made on siteThe planters are ideal if the design of the planter stands out in height taking the ground as a reference, in this case it has been artificial grass.
You can choose to place a part at one level or board, another section with 2 or more boards and in the corners even go up with 3 or more boards.
This personalization of the planters on several levels, gives a unique character and design to the garden or terrace.
At ALLGrass Solutions, we are constantly improving and adapting to trends in the decoration of gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces.
We are constantly evolving in the design of exteriors, landscaping services, the construction or renovation of gardens and terraces.
This novelty of synthetic wood planters with the use of new materials as, are now available in our list of services.
Synthetic wood planters are the kind of details that add a distinctive and personal touch to every project.
Request now your budget including these great synthetic wood planters for your terrace or garden.
We can make pots to measure and send them to any corner of Spain.
Indicate the measurements of your planter, choose a colour and we will send you our best proposal.
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