This season's top 3 new products in PVC hurdles

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What is PVC Hedge and what is it used for?

As we all know, PVC reed is a synthetic alternative to natural reed, and is commonly used for decoration and privacy in gardens, terraces, balconies and other outdoor spaces.

Its use and recommendation is widely used and recommended by gardeninglandscaping, decoration, construction and architecture.

What is the future of concealment with synthetic reeds?

    PVC reed manufacturing companies are constantly improving and upgrading their products to offer more durable and aesthetically pleasing options.

    Continuous improvement and advances in synthetic reeds are mainly aimed at developing products with the following characteristics:

    • Improvements in material strength and durability: manufacturers are looking to develop PVC reeds that are even more resistant to weathering, UV rays, moisture and other external agents.
    • New design options: PVC-U reed is available in a wide variety of colours and designs, and manufacturers may introduce new design options to adapt to current trends in outdoor decoration.
    • Ease of installation: some manufacturers are working on making PVC-U railing easier to install, which could reduce the time and costs associated with installation.
    • Although it is true that its raw material is PVC, we are already beginning to see the first steps towards making this type of reed eco sustainable.

    What are the qualities that a PVC-U canopy should have?

    PVC is a synthetic material that is strong, durable and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for decoration and privacy in gardens, terraces, balconies and other outdoor spaces.

    However, as with any product, the quality of PVC fencing can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the material used in its manufacture.

    It is important to note that lower quality PVC reeds may discolour, warp or break over time due to exposure to weathering and other external agents.

    For this reason, it is important to purchase synthetic reeds from reputable manufacturers that offer guarantees of quality and durability.

    It is also important to follow the manufacturer's installation and maintenance recommendations to ensure a long product life.

    New Lite Cane with 16mm wide reeds

    This new model replaces the old CaƱizo E-Plus and is still available in 5 colours: brown, cane, anthracite, green and white.

    By clicking on the image, you will link to our shop and you will be able to see the offers available on this model.

    In addition, you can choose between the different sizes in which this model is manufactured: 1 x 3 mts, 1.5 x 3 mts or 2 x 3 mtrs.

    New RecyCane Essential Cane with 20mm and 30mm wide reeds

    It is the great novelty as far as synthetic reeds are concerned and is available in various sizes: 0.9 x 3mt; 1.0 x 3mt; 1.5 x 3mt and 2 x 3mt.

    Its composition aims at reducing the consumption of pure resins, and recycled PVC blend 30% to obtain the most sustainable synthetic reeds.

    In addition, the threads with which the reeds are sewn are also made of polymer-based material.

    This is why this innovative reed is at the forefront of synthetic reeds and has become a product of great value for the circular economy.


    This season's 3 New PVC Reeds highlights include new reed sizes, new material compositions and recyclable products suitable for circularity within the industry.

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