Why choose ALLGrass?

Artificial turf on a terrace goes well with outdoor furniture.

ALLGrass Solutions' track record in the outdoor synthetic flooring sector.

More than 10 years in the Artificial Grass Industry, guarantee our credentials:

ALLGrass Solutions offers the most comprehensive range of artificial turf for each application.

Within the Gardening line, we have the outstanding artificial lawns Magnum model.

It features a concave fibre and central rib, a PPG technology that offers better memory effect.

For paddle courts, we have 12 and 15 millimetre high grass available.

All of these are ITF-certified as medium-fast category with a 5-year guarantee.

For Golf, we have a special type of synthetic turf for each playing area.
These achieve the best replication of the game, generating a whole new experience with a totally fun playing sensation.
In football, we specialise in designing and constructing safe surfaces in accordance with current regulations.
We have the best types of grass for 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side football pitches.
We advise you for every type of use, whether in school, recreational, regional or high competition.
Like the other models, the artificial turf for football ALLGrass is the latest generation of ALLGrass manufactured in Spain or Europe.
Recently, we have been one of the pioneering companies to promote new systems of playgrounds combining elastic bases of various thicknesses and artificial turf which are fully compliant with European playground standards and various HIC alternatives.
Remember, you can combine with the different models and in particular the types of coloured artificial grass.

2. Products specially designed and manufactured for each application:

Our products are designed to provide our customers with sustainable surfaces that last over time.

We strive year after year to develop the closest replicas of natural grass.

3. Quality Control:

Our company policy establishes that all our products must be manufactured in Spain and the European Union, they have the AENOR environmental and ISO management certifications.

The main objective of this policy is to offer our customers safe, non-toxic products that meet the qualities of durability and resistance that we guarantee.

Working with Spanish and European manufacturing allows us to know and control the entire production and finishing process of our products.

This is difficult to do when dealing with products from Asian countries where quality control and post sales guarantees are severely questioned in the industry.

4. Facilities in impeccable condition:

ALLGrass Solutions has technical installers who guarantee the installation of our products with the right system, leaving the surface in impeccable condition.

5. Customer Service Philosophy:

We can boast of being specialists in the synthetic turf industry, the years of experience we have in the industry allow us to advise and guide our clients by consistently getting it right on what type of artificial turf to choose to cover their surface.

6. Warranty and After Sales Support:

Tarkett, the world's largest manufacturer of artificial turf with over 2.1 billion annual sales of which we are a local distributor through our own branded products of artificial grass for gardening ALLGrass Solutions and the Xtrema Gardens range.
Its local production unit allows us to have access to top quality products and to count on the support and guarantee of this giant in order to extend the greatest security and confidence to our customers.

7. Design and Landscaping:

We also give you the option of accessing our consulting and design services for landscaping combined with synthetic turf.

We have a variety of decorative products and accessories that can make your garden the most desirable place to be at home.

Imagine a garden where you can play golf with its own putting green and spend unforgettable evenings.
Add a special lounge to your garden or terrace thanks to our synthetic decking.
Enjoy playing paddle tennis or football on our state-of-the-art synthetic surfaces.
The full enjoyment of resting in the shade of a tree on our artificial grass is simply something you can only achieve with ALLGrass.

8. Amortisation of investment and savings:

We guarantee a substantial improvement in the quality of life of your family.

  • More rest and less worry.
  • More and better enjoyment of leisure time
  • Water savings
  • Optimisation of own resources
  • Radical reduction in maintenance costs
  • Amortisation of less than 5 years

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