Do you know the ALLGrass artificial turf solutions for football?

Football pitches with artificial turf

We tell you in this post some points about the artificial turf for football prices indicated for each game format.

From a small football pitch for the little ones to a fully equipped football pitch for top level competitions.

ALLGrass Solutions has a type of turf that is especially suitable for each case.

Our artificial grass models for football pitches and infill systems are the standard.

These are in accordance with FIFA and the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport requirements for this type of pitch.

In addition, in collaboration with several laboratories of recognized prestige in the world, we offer field homologation services.

It is carried out once the construction and installation of the sports surface has been completed.

Innovations in football surfaces

Recently, we have incorporated to our offer, the artificial turf for football The fourth generation of the fourth generation, from which the sand and rubber fillings can be dispensed with.

This new era of infill-free artificial sports turf has been developed to eliminate user complaints.

They find it annoying to take home rubber shavings in their shoes after every game.

On the other hand, the demands of installers and builders to have a type of turf that is easier and faster to install.

This advance in the pavement, has improved the time and cost of execution of works.

Likewise, the absence of rubber fillings makes the surface more hygienic, easier to clean and maintain.

Don't hesitate to contact ALLGrass Solutions for information and artificial grass for football prices.

We carry out any type of football pitch or multi-sports court project.

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