Versatility of Artificial Grass in a Garden

Decorations for Artificial Grass Landscaping 

The advantages of Decorate Garden artificial grass are many and varied.
In the network circulate a lot of information about the most advantageous aspects of artificial turf vs. natural.
Nowadays, there is a wide range of information related to maintenance, water consumption savings and resistance to the use of this pavement.

In this article, we simply want to add other ideas and experiences that many of our clients tell us.
We often hear of artificial grass being used in landscaping without any fear of damaging the pavement.
It is usual that during the summer, inflatable pools are placed on the beach. artificial turf of the garden.
You can be sure that this will not affect the pavement once the pool is removed.
The use of tents, wooden huts, awnings, outdoor furniture, etc., can be placed indefinitely on artificial grass without the risk of damaging the green colour of our garden.×20/

The special synthetic grass for gardening has been developed to enjoy it in all the usual activities that are lived at home.
From everyday games, to family barbecues at weekends, to the little football "pachangas" that the kids often have.
Decorating the garden with artificial grass is also compatible with having pets and with placing furniture on it such as sun loungers, outdoor sofa sets, tables, awnings, etc...×125-mts/


In a nutshell.

  • Suitable for multiple uses in the garden and terrace.
  • Removable and relocatable several times.
  • Reusable for other purposes
  • Compatible with furniture and other elements of the garden (be careful with objects that make a magnifying glass effect and can melt the lawn,. Avoid leaving on this surface things like aluminium pipes, cutlery or glass).
  • When Decorating Garden Artificial Grass, it can be used as a decorative complement on walls and ceilings.
  • It is temporarily resistant to heavy things such as removable pools.
  • Ideal for living with pets.

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