Flowserve Joins the Water Challenge with ALLGrass

The American multinational has recently renovated the landscaped areas of its flowerbeds at its Coslada headquarters, opting for the placement of artificial turf as a solution to their variable maintenance costs, which in turn have been futile in the attempt to keep the natural grass in good condition.
With the synthetic turf ALLGrass special for public spaces and decorative areas, Flowserve will benefit from 1200 square metres of evergreen gardens and your investment will be 100% amortised in the 2nd year of use.
Also, water consumption will be limited to watering trees and shrubs, resulting in a substantial 80% decrease in water use.
Flowserve has chosen ALLGrass as the company with the best value for money in decorative artificial grass, and with the guarantee of having an after-sales service backed by Spanish and European manufacturers that comply with all industry standards.
From AllGras,s we invite the rest of the companies of the Community of Madrid that suffer from similar conditions in their landscaped areas, to join this trend for the benefit of the water conversation.
The use of artificial turf for public spaces has been extended in recent years by various public and private institutions that have seen in this pavement, a large number of advantages in terms of savings and investment that generate multiple benefits in balance sheets, in the environment and around the company, in the relationship with employees...etc.
We are confident that with ALLGrass, investing in synthetic turf will be the solution to your garden maintenance problems and a better liquidity in your treasury in the medium term.

For information and bookings, please visit us at www.allgrass.es
or write to us by e-mail: info@allgrass.es

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