Hidden" benefits of artificial grass, an insect free surface..

The artificial grass, a clean, hygienic and safe pavement for the home.

Artificial turf is known to have a lot of advantages and benefits. However, it is overlooked that insects are not attracted to synthetic turf

Insects do not tend to congregate in the artificial grassbecause there is no living matter. Insects, like most pests, are found in areas where they can easily obtain food and water. Synthetic turf is a non-living material that is incompatible with insects. Most of these insects require living material to thrive.
The artificial turf  what is more insurance for children and pets due to the absence of harmful insects. Children are less likely to be exposed to spiders or ants, while dogs and cats are less likely to be exposed to fleas on artificial turf.  ALLGrass , a manufacturer and installer of artificial grass based in Madrid, provides an artificial grass solution whose insect repellent qualities have been improved both in the installation and in the manufacturing processes.

Antimicrobial manufacturing

The fibers of our artificial grass models are made with an antimicrobial agent incorporated into the polyethylene material with which this pavement is made. This prevents bacteria, viruses and fungi from lodging in the pavement. Insects are thus less likely to find a suitable environment.

The role of Maintenance

Some maintenance is required to keep the artificial turf free of insects, but it is minimal. You simply must  keep the surface clean and free from organic remains of trees, food plants or similar.
The ?unknown benefits of artificial turf?
There are so many benefits to installing synthetic turf that many people do not realize that the risk of being bitten by  bugs. Usually, our customers  are so focused on the fact that they'll have a lawn  green 365 days a year, no matter what the weather, or that they don't really have to work very hard to maintain it, but also usually don't know the added benefit that they will be free of a lot of insects or other pests?
ALLGrass  based in Madrid sells synthetic grass models that are manufactured in Spain and Europe. We are a local company with more than 1,000 satisfied customers in our region. Our customer feedback indicates that the two most commonly mentioned benefits  are he doesn't have to water or mow the lawn.


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