New coloured grass and carpeting for trade fairs and exhibitions

New models of coloured grass and fairground carpets available for your projects!

Now you can buy coloured artificial grass from only 20mts2.

We have adjusted our offer to the needs of our customers, buying by whole rolls is no longer necessary and now you can buy custom-made from a minimum order of 20mts2.  

We offer you 11 new models of coloured artificial grass with bsl classification of mandatory reaction to fire for indoor use.  

With 22mm height and spectacular combinations, now you can choose an original color for your project.

To accompany the synthetic turf of colors, we also offer you the new models of the new carpets for trade fair usel, events or exhibitions.

You can choose between 7 synthetic loop pile loop pile carpets or 2 outdoor carpets ideal for terraces, hotels, fairs, penthouses, swimming pools, parks, children's playgrounds, kindergartens, communities, etc.

You can opt with the pivot support for better drainage and a small improvement in the cushioning of the footprint.

And to complement these great new products, we also added to our offer, the carpet tiles for residential or moderate commercial use.  

Discover all the possibilities and the best prices that we offer you with these fabulous carpet tiles.

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