New Smart Living in 20mm height

Economical Smart Living artificial grass ideal for terraces and landscaping.

The new economical artificial grass from the Smart Living series is now available in 20mm height with woven yarns in various shades of green.

With this type of artificial turf, you can quickly and easily cover the floor of a terrace. It is also a popular type of grass for use in landscaping projects, for example:

  • For flowerbeds or borders in gardens, terraces and urban designs.
  • On roundabouts, roundabouts or bypasses.
  • Along the sides of corridors on floors and ceilings as well as indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal for medium-sized vehicles on urban roads.

You might be interested in this other article if you are designing a landscaping project.

You can look at the following link where you will always find the updated models of each type of turf that appear on this blog with each new release.

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