Garden design with artificial grass

Check out and get inspired in this video for Garden Design and Construction with artificial grass the possibilities and options multiply when compared to natural grass:

Landscaping with artificial grass

  • You can design an environment and atmosphere with all materials and decorative elements, integrating artificial grass into your design without any limitations.
  • Decorate gardens with artificial grass for example with pieces under planters, furniture, coffee tables or side tables.

Building gardens with artificial grass

The possibilities to build gardens with artificial grass are endless, we leave you some ideas and suggestions that can help you define your design and how to raise it in your garden or terrace.

If you have any doubts, you can hire our technical service to carry out the whole process from conceptualization and design to the construction of your garden or terrace.

  • You can delimit the different areas of the garden with curbs of all kinds.
  • In Garden Design and Construction you can lay slate or tiles over the grass or cut it out and fit it in as well.
  • Delimit play area for children.
  • Create a separate litter box for your pets' feces.
  • Adapt a sports area with goals, golf or basketball baskets.
  • Ideal for placing sun loungers or furniture without problems.
  • Versatile, you can place it on walls and combine it with other elements to make a vertical garden.
  • Why not? put it on the roofs of pergolas or gazebos.
  • With the remains of the cuttings you can place it under flowerpots or vases.

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