Jars in garden decoration.

The jars in the garden decoration is the best example of reuse of sustainable materials using these old oil jars and honey jars.

Jars in garden decoration.

The Garden or Terrace Vats

The imperfections of the manual elaboration are common characteristics of these earthenware, stoneware, ceramic or terracotta vessels and this makes each piece unique. The style we are looking for with this complement is undoubtedly vintage, rustic or country.

The additional detail that may exist and the patina, are unique to each piece. That is why they are so appreciated to decorate and provide a country and vintage touch to the best garden and terrace designs.

Designs with typical antique jars

Ceramic decoration jars in combination with ornamental plants are used for outdoor decoration due to their stability, durability and minimal environmental impact.

These ceramic pots can also be used to combine with indoor plants.

Each piece can be used to cultivate and decorate the interior space of homes and commercial spaces.

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La Tinaja as a Pot

When placed in a green and natural environment, these ancestral pots look fantastic among the plants and flowers displayed in the garden of a house, the landscape of a commercial area or that of an urban area.

They can be used for planting, flowers, various plants and shrubs. They are ideal for placing in corridors, flowerbeds, roundabouts, around swimming pools, at the sides of passages or paths, balconies or terraces to create a space with a harmonious atmosphere.

A Vat as a Source

The jars used as fountains are a good choice when considering garden designs.

Whether it is a giant jar or a set of several jars passing the water cycle from one to another, it is always a very valuable resource that adds a sense of harmony to the environment and a very stylish decorative contribution to the gardens and terraces.

Adding Lighting to a Vat

As with the fountains, a jar with a good balance in the garden among all the accessories of the landscape include the choice of good lighting.

Choosing the right type of spotlight or beacon as well as the tone and colour of the light is fundamental when we consider a space that contemplates all these complements together.

With the advances in outdoor LED lighting and the wide variety of solutions available on the market, today the design of lighting in the landscape is much more customizable.

The value of an Antique Tinaja, Price ?

The price of the jars varies according to size, age and origin. An original giant Spanish jar can be worth several thousand euros.

The price of a clay jar also carries some costs associated with transportation.

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