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In this Blog about synthetic grass, we tell how this pavement already has a variety of uses and applications that a few years ago were unthinkable.

With the technological advances and the demands of the population in these times, where less polluting and more durable products are demanded.

Synthetic grass has evolved in such a way that today it is one of the indispensable materials as finishes:

  • In gardens and terraces of new real estate developments.
  • As certified flooring for sports competitions such as football (FIFA).
  • Specially recommended as a play surface under European standards for playgrounds.
  • So many other applications that we find every day in any environment.

Types of synthetic grass

Among the types of synthetic turf, we can establish them by types of use and by categories within each of these:

Artificial Grass for Gardens.

  • Gardens and Landscaping for homes and businesses
  • Exterior decoration on floors and walls.
  • Terraces or landscaped attics.

Synthetic Sports Turf

  • Football fields in all their versions.
  • Hockey Fields
  • Paddle and tennis courts
  • Multi-sports courts
  • Rugby Camps
  • Baseball, softball or kikingball fields.

Artificial Surface for Golf

  • Pitch and Putts
  • Driving Ranges
  • Executive Golf Courses
  • Replacement of tee or green on traditional courses

Architecture and decoration

  • Urban areas (flowerbeds, roundabouts, medians)
  • Trade fairs,Events and hospitality
  • Indoor use, offices etc.
  • Coloured synthetic grass

Playground applications

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Nurseries
  • Public parks

Trends in synthetic turf

Among the trends that we can see in this blog of artificial grass, the use of this synthetic pavement, for example, include models of greater height for use in gardens and terraces compared to previous years.

For sports use, more types of turf that do not require infill materials other than fibers, specifically silica sand and rubber chips, are beginning to be seen and demanded.

In the case of the decoration and architectureThe "influencers in the world", the big technological companies such as Google, Facebook, Skype and many others, use this type of flooring in its coloured version to provide a better atmosphere and working environment for their employees.

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