What to know about artificial turf staples

The use of staples in the installation of artificial turf and its importance.

It is advisable to use the staples as accessory for installing artificial grass in gardens.

They should be placed on ground prepared with an aggregate base.

It is very important to ensure that the pavement is well fixed on the ground.

The staples limit the movement of expansion and/or contraction that the artificial grass may have.

Temperature changes throughout the year have a significant effect on this synthetic flooring.

Artificial turf, being a flexible pavement and exposed to outdoor weather conditions, can experience temperature changes of up to 40 degrees.

That is to say, if in summer it receives sun and accumulates a temperature of 40 degrees, when winter arrives, the temperature drops to 0 or more degrees.

The expansions and contractions in this type of flooring can be up to 5cm or more.

Depending on the model and the structure of its composition, may vary in millimeters or centimeters.

Other Advantages of Galvanized Staples for Artificial Turf Fixation

On the other hand, by fixing the synthetic grass with galvanized staples, we are making it more difficult for our pets to try to lift it. 

It also works when the pavement is placed in such a way that it receives strong winds that can lift it up.

To place the staples, it is recommended to do it every 30-40cm of separation between them. The ideal is to place them around the entire perimeter of the installation.

The staples are also very useful for when the installation is being done in a sloping garden, to present the pavement and prepare it before gluing, you can set some staples to immobilize it and after gluing, reinforce the joints with the same staples to prevent displacement of the strips of artificial turf.

It is usual to see that some staples are not fully buried because under the soil there may be the mochetas or foundations of the walls surrounding the garden.

In this case, you should look for a place close to the edge where you can nail the staple or trim the staple a little.

We recommend the use of galvanized staples because the rust is less than in the plasticized ones.

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