Special Artificial Grass for landscaping, model Quorum by Tarkett.

We have updated this post about this Artificial Grass Good for Landscaping, now called Quorum from Tarkett Floors.

A product in the low height category designed for terraces or decorative uses in communal spaces or public areas.

In landscaping designs, this paving is ideal for combining with plants, decorative stones, pine bark, or coloured wood chips.

At the end of this post, you can access the technical information and prices of this synthetic grass model.


Use and applications as ornamental material.

This synthetic turf model is ideal for special projects and large areas of land.

Now improved, with its 25mm height and the combination of 4 different coloured fibres, it offers a look that is truly natural and looks great in any space.

The Quorum artificial turf has the ppg technology from the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic and sustainable flooring.

It is also a good artificial grass due to the matt finish of the fibres which results in less reflection and shine of the fibres.

The most natural appearance of the rest of its competitors, and a concave shape in its fibres with no breaking points for better stability of the entire pavement.

As an ornamental material, it is a very good value for money choice for covering floor surfaces and large walls.

It is available in 2 metre wide and four metre wide by 25 metre long formats.

When you place your order through our online shop, you will receive it in a short period of time, about 72 hours on average for shipments in Peninsula.

For Islands and the rest of the Eurozone, the time can take between 7 days and 15 days depending on the destination postcode.

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