Artificial Grass for Landscaping, Factsheets vs Reality

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Artificial grass for gardening

We start this article with the famous saying, "All that glitters is not gold" in relation to artificial turf technical data sheets.
The genialities that arise to argue that a grass artificial is the best, are intensifying every day due to the battle of prices and offers that exist today in the market.
These geniuses often manage to confuse the customer in such a way, that many times the result is to have chosen a product of lower quality and overpriced or simply choose not to buy the item, where we would continue with the other acclaimed saying "cheap ends up being expensive".

Paper can take anything!

To be able to verify with a physical sample of artificial turf the number of stitches stated in the technical data sheet of the flooring is practically impossible.
The most visible aspects in a physical sample that can be verified with the technical data sheet are several, the height of the fibre and its characteristic, colour and shades, central rib and the shape of the fibre.

What the data sheets seek to highlight.

When we talk about synthetic grass for gardeningproducts with a high density of fibres or yarns are not the only characteristic that can guarantee the vertical position or the so called "memory effect" of the product. artificial turf.
So far, in Spain, time has shown that apart from the density, are other characteristics that predominate to make the artificial turf maintain its verticality for longer.
For example:
  • the reinforcements of the fibres with nerve,
  • A thorn or central strand,
  • Fibres not so fine, with some geometric shape, angle or deviation;
  • Height; is false that less height gives more stability and more height must be compensated with padding.

The "pedigree" of synthetic turf

Our recommendation, apart from the characteristics exposed in Technical Data Sheets artificial turf, you should inquire further to know where the product is manufactured, what after-sales service is available, who issues the warranty, what certifications does the product have?

If the manufacturer is outside the EU, how likely is it that you will be able to get your complaint dealt with?

Why does the seller insist so much on a characteristic of the product such as its stitches and not a set of qualities?

The good quality of an artificial grass is the result of the balance between design and the composition of good materials. The fact of "tuning" a product by placing a lot of elements is not a guarantee of good quality.

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