The 4 Novelties in Exterior Decoration that you can't miss next season.

Solutions that will be part of the new trends in the decoration of outdoor spaces in 2023.

On this occasion, we bring you the 4 Novelties in Exterior Decoration that you can't miss next season.

We are referring to the most outstanding solutions of the Catral brand, which has exhibited as new products at the Spoga+Gafa, JDC Garden Trends and Iberfloraand which will be available in our online shop soon.

The close collaboration that we maintain with this brand in the development and marketing of products, systems and solutions for the conditioning and decoration of gardens and terraces, has led us to maintain a leading position in the outdoor habitat sector at a European level.

Of the 10 new products on display, we will focus on 4 of them and discuss the rest in a future post.

We won't keep you any longer and will list them:

Natural Coconatur hedge for concealing fences and enclosures.

With a 90% degree of concealment, Coconatur comes as a novel natural hedge solution, which creates a dry fodder screen from natural 100% coconut fibres.

Coconatur thus becomes the first sustainable natural hedge fabric in roll format, mainly due to the composition of the base material from which it is made, biodegradable coconut fibres.

Therefore, Coconatur's innovation is based on the concept of weaving with metal wire, which binds the rods together, giving a density that provides a high level of concealment.

Main features

  • Natural coconut fibre, weather resistant, odourless and soft to the touch.
  • Colour 100% natural.
  • Density of 24 rows per square metre of hedge.
  • Galvanised wire (fabric support)

New LOP Decopannel LOP Lattice Modules or Screens

We are very excited about the arrival of Decopannel, a solution that we have been waiting for since previous seasons and has finally arrived as a perfect alternative for concealment and decoration.

With this new support, it becomes the new self-supporting panel of the Catral lattices, available in 4 colours.

In this way, Decopannel becomes a multi-purpose system that can be installed both outdoors and indoors, vertically or horizontally, adapting to the needs of each case.

In addition, the frame material is made of painted aluminium profiles, which allows it to be installed in a modular way, both individually and continuously, and can even be combined at 2 heights.

On the other hand, the complete Decopannel kit is suitable for ground fixing or for installation in the garden (ground).

Deccopanel components

  • DecoPannel latticework
  • DecoPannel pole
  • DecoPannel post cap
  • DecoPannel corner profile
  • DecoPannel anchor foot cover
  • DecoPannel floor anchor foot
  • DecoPannel ground spike
  • DecoPannel metal bracket

Artificial Hedge Graphite

Graphite is a new 36-rod artificial hedge manufactured by Catral Garden and developed with the latest generation of fibres, creating a very natural appearance and homogeneous tones that guarantees a high level of concealment.

It is ideal for use on the fences and railings of the hundreds of housing developments that use grey or slate tones for exterior finishes.

Highlights of the new Graphite Hedge

  • It consists of two-tone fibres, light grey and dark grey.
  • These fibres are made of special weather-resistant polymers.
  • Similarly, the length of the fibres reaches 90mm in length.
  • The artificial hedge rolls are available in 1mt, 1,5mt and 2mt in height and 3mt in length.

Extendable Bamboo Lattices

For 2023, Catral is incorporating 3 new models of extendable lattices with solid bamboo rods that will be called Urbamboo.

This new collection of extendable bamboo trellises complements the offer we have in our shop for making vertical gardenswall decorations and separation of rooms.

Highlights of the new extendable blinds

Two of these new models include artificial leaves made of polyethylene:

  • Balearic boxwood Urbambo with two-tone leaves in yellow green.
  • Urbamboo Level with ivy-like leaves in green.
  • Both have 2 sizes available, 1×2 mt and 1×3 mt.


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