Barbecue Cooking Methods and Technologies

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The last generations of Barbecues in the Modern Kitchen

Get to know the different Barbecue Cooking Systems and Methods

With the new Barbecue Cooking Methods and Technologies, it is easier to cook food on the grill and get juicy and delicious barbecues.

In this article, you will find out about the direct and indirect cooking methods you can use with the charcoal or gas barbecues.

We will see the different technologies that currently exist to make grilled food on small or large scales.

Cooking Methods

Direct Charcoal Cooking Method

Direct cooking allows you to soasar (grill a food only until it is lightly browned or toasted) quickly, by putting it in direct contact with the heat source.

Direct Cooking Method Gas Barbeques

Turn on all burners to the temperature indicated in the recipe and preheat the grate with the lid closed. Then cook the food directly on the burners. Cooking juices evaporate and produce an aroma that will give your roasts an irresistible flavor.

Direct Cooking is usually suitable for cooking kebabs, chicken breasts, seafood, sausages, hamburgers, steaks, kebabs, ribs and cut vegetables.

Indirect Carbon Cooking Method

Indirect cooking allows you to roast, just like in an oven. With this cooking, the products never come into direct contact with the heat source and you get tasty recipes cooked over low heat.

Indirect Cooking Method Gas Barbeques

Just turn on the front and rear burners and place the food in the center of the cooking grate.
The heat circulates as in a convection oven and allows the food to cook evenly.

Indirect Cooking is usually suitable for cooking whole pieces, delicate fish fillets, whole chicken, whole turkey, ribs?

Cooking Technologies

To cooking the barbecue on charcoalIn this case, the so-called convection heating technology is being used. That is, heat is transferred by the movement of molecules in the air.

For many, a charcoal barbecue remains the only means of cooking, grilling and barbecuing. From
the lighting of the charcoal, through stoking the embers, to the secret joy of extinguishing the flames.

The charcoal barbecue still has many devotees who want to preserve the "magic" of the barbecue.
Barbecues are not mere utensils used for grilling meat. They provide moments of leisure and
meeting with friends and family. For large or small gatherings, a house with a barbecue is first and foremost a
all in all, a house with fun.

Charcoal barbecues are much easier to transport from one place to another.

In other models, such as gas models, you have to think about the barbecue and also the gas cylinder.

Even if gas or electricity can reach high temperatures of about 300°C, nothing compares to the heating power of coal.

It can reach a temperature of up to 500° C ? perfect temperature for grilling.

Most modern models allow the charcoal level to be raised or lowered, as well as the grates.
where the meat and vegetables are placed.

Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve different cooking levels at different speeds.

Depending on the type of charcoal used, the meat gets a unique and different taste.

The smoke generated by the embers also helps the flavour of the meat to become more special, with a texture that is difficult to achieve with other types of barbecue.

As with the charcoal barbecue, when cooking with Gas on a barbecue, the so-called convection heat technology is being used. That is, the heat is transferred by the movement of molecules in the air.

A barbecue is always a great way, not only to get a tasty and healthy meal, but also to get friends or family together, however, the conventional charcoal or wood-fired barbecue has gradually been replaced by the gas barbecue.

In contrast to the charcoal barbecues, in the gas barbecues you can control the cooking temperature.

Gas burners provide immediate ignition, which makes them quicker and easier to use and avoids the excess smoke of traditional grills.

By using gas in a barbecue, there is no need to constantly feed the fire if you want to cook all day long. They are also simpler to clean, saving time.

In addition, they have a lid that you can use to preserve the heat and maintain the nutrients in the food.

It is also a much more convenient and comfortable solution, as it is quite easy to use and clean compared to charcoal or firewood, and, as there are several formats, they can be adapted to a certain place, especially small ones, where it is difficult to implement a traditional barbecue, thus allowing to optimize a specific space in your home.

Among the new Barbecue Cooking Methods and Technologies, infrared technology occurs when thermal energy is transferred directly in the form of electromagnetic waves. No intermediate source is necessary.

Softer and more succulent meats. The technology of these barbecues uses an exclusive system of infrared rays, generating an intense, continuous and well distributed heat, with total control of the temperature and without producing flares. You don't need to be a barbecue specialist to cook very tasty meats!

  • Even cooking with less flame.
  • Juicier 50% food.
  • 30% gas consumption savings.

Traditional convection barbecues (gas or charcoal) are heated by hot air, which can dry out grills.

In infrared barbecues, this energy reaches the food and causes the molecules to vibrate, thus generating the heat that leaves the roast delicious, without dehydrating it with the hot air.

Other new cooking methods and technologies for barbecues is the Induction cooking technology, which is generated by the exchange of thermal energy through direct contact between a heat source and the food (e.g. electric grills, induction hob).

Gas or charcoal barbecues are not allowed everywhere, but therefore it is not necessary to refrain from grilling for a long time, because electric barbecues are perfect for the small balcony of a city apartment.

They are a more homemade and conservative option for those who want to grill indoors or on small balconies.

Because they are electric, they do not add flavor to roasts. Electric models are practical, as they only require one power point and dispense air output (they emit almost no smoke).

By simply plugging it in, you can grill food in just a few minutes.

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