Short Tips for Making the Best Barbecues

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9 Tips to get your barbecue grill to Michelin BBQ level!

Perfect roasts and juicy barbecues.

Uses Dry Carbon

For the best barbecues, try to use charcoal that is dry and of recent date. Avoid using leftovers that have been stored for a long time.
Unfortunately, it absorbs moisture over time. Wet charcoal is not only difficult to burn, it also releases a lot of smoke, altering the taste of the food. It is much better to use fresh, dry charcoal. When the charcoal gains a white ? or light grey ? colour, it is a sign that the coals are ready to receive the meat.

Prepare the Meat for the Barbecue

Meat must be removed from the cold for at least 30 minutes before being placed on the grill and exposed to the sun.
room temperature.

If it is too cold, the juices and protein in the meat will be pressed out and the meat will dry out when heated by the coals.

In the first use it cooks simple things.

When buying a new one barbecueIt is advisable to calibrate its use and acquire the skills to achieve good results. Therefore, in the first use, it is recommended to try something easy and to evolve little by little with larger preparations and volumes.

A well-grilled sausage always makes a better impression than a failed foie gras.

Mistakes only lead to frustration.

Patience, a great alidade...

Smoking, as well as grilling, is sometimes time-consuming depending on the type of roast and food being prepared.

There are types of meats, preparations and cuts that can last up to ten hours.

Setting a world speed record does not improve the taste of food.

The Myth of Beer in Meat

Although it is very common to see this practice, it is not correct.

Conversely, dousing meat with beer, either before or during cooking, simply washes away the seasoning, breaks down the heat and generates smoke which gives the meat a bad taste.

Moreover, it does not add any flavour.

Choosing the right temperature

A little more heat doesn't do any harm. Everyone thinks it will speed things up a bit, but they quickly forget.
There is nothing worse than burnt grilled meat. Therefore, for the best barbecues, make sure you select the right temperature.

Salting at the right time

Similarly, for the best barbecues, salt has two functions when added to food: it enhances flavours and aids curing by removing liquids from the food, thus slowing its perishability.

If curing, on the one hand, removes liquids and succulence from the meat; on the other hand, it moves with the flavour structures and confers depth.

Salting, with light salt, moments before grilling the fish or meat, makes it lose a little more of its flavour.
liquid, but makes the flavour more intense.

When to turn the meat over?

If the meat is turned too early, it sticks to the grill.

This causes it to lose moisture and become harder more quickly. You will have unnecessary work to do, as the grid will also quickly get debris on it and you will have to clean it later.

Instead, let the meat rest. Or coat the grill with a little oil or a piece of meat fat before grilling.

Which type of cooking should I choose?

This is the eternal question that is asked when talking about barbecues.

Contrary to popular myth, taste tests show that there is no significant difference between a barbecue and a roast at the same time. gas or a coal-fired one.

With the former, just turn on the gas and in 5/10 minutes it is ready to grill. Charcoal takes between 30 and 40 minutes to prepare and reach the ideal temperature and state, before starting to grill.

The choice is yours! If you have a balcony or a small garden you also have the electric version.

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